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ADB1 2022 Para:6.1 Fire resistance standard

Elements of structure such as structural frames, beams, columns, loadbearing walls (internal and external), floor structures and gallery structures should have, as a minimum, the fire resistance given in Appendix B, Table B3.
NOTE: If one element of structure supports or stabilises another, as a minimum the supporting element should have the same fire resistance as the other element.

Department for Communities and Local Government, (2019) Fire resistance standard. In: Approved Document B: Fire Safety - Volume 1: Dwellings. 2019 ed. Section 6: Loadbearing elements of structures – flats, 1 (6.1). RIBA Publishing Publication, London, p. 57. ISBN 9781859469156

ADB1 2019 Para:6.2 Fire resistance standard

The following are excluded from the definition of ‘element of structure’.
a. A structure that supports only a roof, unless either of the following applies.
i. The roof performs the function of a floor, such as for parking vehicles, or as a means of escape.
ii. The structure is essential for the stability of an external wall that needs to be fire resisting (e.g. to achieve compartmentation or for the purposes of preventing fire spread between buildings).
b. The lowest floor of the building.
c. A platform floor.
d. External walls, such as curtain walls or other forms of cladding, which transmit only self weight and wind loads and do not transmit floor load.
NOTE: In some cases, structural members within a roof may be essential for the structural stability system of the building. In these cases, the structural members in the roof do not just support a roof and must demonstrate the relevant fire resistance for the building as required by the note to paragraph 6.1 above.


ADB1 2019 Para:6.3 Additional guidance

If a loadbearing wall is any of the following, guidance in other sections may also apply.
a. A compartment wall (including a wall common to two buildings): Section 7.
b. Enclosing a place of special fire hazard: Section 7.
c. Protecting a means of escape: Sections 2 and 3.
d. An external wall: Sections 10 and 11.
e. Enclosing a firefighting shaft: Section 15.


ADB1 2019 Para:6.4 Additional guidance

If a floor is also a compartment floor, see Section 7.


ADB1 2019 Para:6.5 Conversion to flats

Where an existing dwellinghouse or other building is converted into flats, a review of the existing construction should be carried out. Retained timber floors may make it difficult to meet the relevant provisions for fire resistance.


ADB1 2019 Para:6.6 Conversion to flats

In a converted building with a maximum of three storeys, a minimum REI 30 fire resistance could be accepted for elements of structure if the means of escape conform to the provisions of Section 3.


ADB1 2019 Para:6.7 Conversion to flats

In a converted building with four or more storeys, the full standard of fire resistance given in Appendix B is necessary.


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