Knowledge Graph Recipe

Author: Phil Stacey MSc BIM (with help)
Prep: 2-3 years
Cook: 5-10 years
Level: Expert
Serves: People living in homes (hopefully safer)

This is a summary of some of the ingredients and steps used to create this guidance platform.

Step 1 Ingredients / Guidance Documents

  • Text
  • Tables
  • Diagrams


Take the pages of text and divide into pieces by paragraphs with Microsoft word, tables and diagrams redraw/convert into a scalable vector graphics. (measuring)

Step 2 Ingredients / Descriptors

  • Item Type
  • Corporate Creators
  • Title
  • Status
  • Paragraph
  • Date
  • Publisher
  • Official URL
  • Series Name
  • Volume
  • Number
  • Place of Publication
  • Page Range
  • Number of Pages
  • ISBN
  • Title of Book
  • Legislation


Mix in descriptors with paragraphs using a electronic document management system called eprints for publications. (mixing)

Step 3 Ingredients / Dictionary

  • managing health and safety in construction
  • manual to the building regulations
  • part a - structure
  • part b - fire safety
  • part c - site preparation and resistance to contaminates and moisture
  • part d - toxic substances
  • part e - resistance to the passage of sound
  • part f - ventilation
  • part g - sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency
  • part h - drainage and waste disposal
  • part j - combustion appliances and fuel storage systems
  • part k - protection from falling, collision and impact
  • part l - conservation of fuel and power
  • part m - access to and use of buildings
  • part p - electrical safety
  • part q - security
  • part r - physical infrastructure for high speed electronic communications networks
  • rdf:type
  • skos:Concept
  • skos:inScheme
  • skos:broader
  • skos:prefLabel
  • skos:definition
  • dct:created
  • dct:modified
  • skos:Collection
  • skos:member


Mix in dictionary terms from guidance documents with metadata using Vocbench for managing data. (mixing)

Step 4 Ingredients / Dictionary

  • see ingredients from step 3


Then mix in dictionary to create a corpus with text editor. (mixing)

Step 5 Ingredients

  • Dictionary
  • Paragraph
  • Uncontrolled Keywords Descriptors


Next mix the corpus with the paragraphs to assign keywords using Annif automatic subject assignment. (Natural Language Processing) (cooking)

Step 6 Ingredients

  • Paragraph
  • Title
  • Uncontrolled Keywords Descriptors


Lastly place the paragraphs found using keywords into a collection using eprints for publications. (food on the table)