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ADB1 UNSPECIFIED Para:E1 Sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems installed in buildings can reduce the risk to life and significantly reduce the
degree of damage caused by fire within a building.


ADB1 UNSPECIFIED Para:E2 Sprinkler systems

Further recommendations for the provision of sprinklers are provided in the following sections:


ADB1 UNSPECIFIED Para:E3 Design of sprinkler systems

Where required, sprinkler systems should be provided throughout the building or separated part,
unless acting as a compensatory feature to address a specific risk. They should be designed and
installed in accordance with the following.
a. For residential buildings, the requirements of BS 9251.
b. For non-residential buildings, or residential buildings outside the scope of BS 9251, the
requirements of BS EN 12845, including the relevant hazard classification together with
additional measures to improve system reliability and availability as described in Annex F of the
NOTE: Any sprinkler system installed to satisfy the requirements of Part B of the Building
Regulations should be provided with additional measures to improve system reliability and
availability and is therefore to be regarded as a life safety system. However, there may be some
circumstances in which additional measures to improve system reliability and availability specified
in Annex F of BS EN 12845 are inappropriate or unnecessary.


ADB1 UNSPECIFIED Para:E4 Design of sprinkler systems

If the provisions in a building vary from those in this document, sprinkler protection can also
sometimes be used as a compensatory feature.
BS 9251 makes additional recommendations when sprinklers are proposed as compensatory features.


ADB1 UNSPECIFIED Para:E5 Water supplies and pumps

For non-residential sprinkler systems designed and installed to BS EN 12845, water supplies should
consist of either of the following.
a. Two single water supplies complying with clause 9.6.1, independent of each other.
b. Two stored water supplies meeting all of the following conditions.
i. Gravity or suction tanks should satisfy all the requirements of clause 9.6.2(b), other than
ii. Any pump arrangements should comply with clause 10.2.
iii. In addition to meeting the requirements for inflow, either of the following should apply.
• The capacity of each tank should be at least half the specified minimum water volume
of a single full capacity tank, appropriate to the hazard.
• One tank should be at least equivalent to half the specified water volume of a single
full capacity tank, and the other shall not be less than the minimum volume of a
reduced capacity tank (see clause 9.3.4) appropriate to the hazard.
The total capacity of the water supply in (iii), including any inflow for a reduced capacity
tank, should be at least that of a single full holding capacity tank that complies with


ADB1 UNSPECIFIED Para:E6 Water supplies and pumps

For the systems described in paragraph E5, both of the following apply if pumps are used to draw
water from two tanks.
a. Each pump should be able to draw water from either tank.
b. Any one pump, or either tank, should be able to be isolated.
The sprinkler water supplies should not be used as connections for other services or other fixed
firefighting systems.


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